Machine and Equipment Repairs

  • Firma Usługowo-Handlowa Julita Krzysztof Witek

    We are a specialized turbo-compressor unit service. We deal with repairs, diagnostics and sales of turbo-compressor units. Our offer includes new and regenerated turbo-compressor units for passenger, delivery cars as well as for trucks. We guarantee:...

    Tel.: +48 ((71)3251919  |  Wrocław, 51-166
  • Hamer Brunarska, Gruskoś Sp.Jawna

    Hamer is a private, family owned engineering company operating since 1991. At our sales outlets in Kraków and Czeladź we offer an extensive selection of spare parts for the construction machines. Moreover, we carry out specialised engineering works....

    Tel.: +48 (012)4229665  |  Kraków, 31-534

    Tel.: +48 601 340 113  |  Warszawa, 03-368
  • Elektro Serwis Cezary Kacprzak

    Tel.: +48 661684383  |  Białystok

    Tel.: +48 +48513061503  |  Warszawa, 01-330
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