Construction and Real Estate

  • BRUK-BET® Sp. z o.o.

    Company BRUK-BET® has been manufacturing concrete products since 1984, and the vibro-pressed paving stone has been produced for more than 14 years. It is one of the leading, renowned manufacturers. The products are characterized by the highest quality...

    Tel.: +48 (014)6444444  |  Żabno, 33-240
  • Doocang Heavy Industries Co,.Ltd

    We are manufacturer of SANHA rock breaker , as well as other attachments for excavators. SANHA rock breakers , as a top brand in China, are fully manufactured in house, with several inspection process, as well as the last impact test before delviery....

  • Firma Produkcyjno-Usługowo-Handlowa PROF-BUD Dariusz Radoń

    We are a producer of decorative architectural details as well as gypsum stuccowork. We create profiles and ornaments (cornices, boards, arches, portals and columns) based on the compiled catalogue of wares and individually creation of an architect...

    Tel.: +48 (16)6521812  |  Dynów, 36-065
  • Hamer Brunarska, Gruskoś Sp.Jawna

    Hamer is a private, family owned engineering company operating since 1991. At our sales outlets in Kraków and Czeladź we offer an extensive selection of spare parts for the construction machines. Moreover, we carry out specialised engineering works....

    Tel.: +48 (012)4229665  |  Kraków, 31-534

    Intraco S.A. company is one of the first owners and administrators of office premises on the Warsaw market functioning since 1974. We offer office premises in Stawki Street and office areas at Business Estate. High comfort, advantageous localization...

    Tel.: +48 (022)8607373  |  Warszawa, 00-193
  • LARS Przedsiębiorstwo Prywatne

    The company LARS offers products of Auraton brand which has a function in saving energy while increasing the user’s comfort. In the offer you can also find air conditioning equipment, biometric locks and also services for lighting measurement. Our...

    Tel.: +48 (61)8404000  |  Poznań, 60-434
  • Mateco podesty ruchome sp. z o.o.

    The company Mateco is engaged in movable platforms. We offer a technologically advanced mobile device for heights from 4 to 90 meters. The device ensures a high security and comfort for users. All our devices are guaranteed by a technical control and...

    Tel.: +48 (32)2190210-12  |  Tychy, 43-100
  • MATERBUD Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowo-Produkcyjne

    Hereby we introduce our company that offers materials necessary to realize plumbing – sewerage – gas installations to investors and suppliers. Our company produces water pipes from cast-iron, cemented inside. We produce two types of joints: flange,...

    Tel.: +48 (58)3421824-25  |  Gdańsk, 80-556
  • Orzechowskie Zakłady Przemysłu Sklejek

    We are the oldest company in Poland which makes plywood. The quality of our product and at the same time the customer’s satisfaction is on the first place. The ISO 9001:2000 and FSC certificates are the proof of our professionalism. 110-year tradition...

    Tel.: +48 (61)4351100  |  Orzechowo, 62-322
  • PHU PARTNER s.j.

    PHU PARTNER is a company whose leading field of business is imports and distribution of heating devices and gas fittings. We have an extensive sales and service network for the devices being distributed across the whole country. In addition, the Company...

    Tel.: +48 (25)7595214  |  Mińsk Mazowiecki, 05-300
  • plettac Distribution Sp. z o.o.

    The company is especially engaged in a sale of modern scaffold systems of plettac brand. In our offer we have a façade scaffold - plettac Kombi SL70/100, module scaffold – plettac contur and also a movable scaffold – plettac Alu Star. Scaffolds...

    Tel.: +48 (62)5860640  |  Ostrzeszów, 63-500
  • Saappur Wojciech Samoraj

    We operate in the field of rigid polyurethane foam for thermal insulation, construction, packaging and for production of ornamental elements. We make thermal insulations by method of PU foam spraying as well as hydroinsulations and polyurea protective...

    Tel.: +48 (22)7589724  |  Milanówek, 05-822

    China ROC Sourcing-Your Trustable sourcing agency,Loyal business partner and Specialist for tool products here in China, We can bring you not only the rich sources for any products you want,but also: . Risk Control Evaluate and identify a supplier...

    Tel.: +48 8613484019816  | 

    FAWENT SA Fans Factory located in Chełm Śląski (28 km from Katowice) was established in 1951 and continues to be the greatest company producing fans in Poland. Our fans work in various plants on all continents of the world. Our company has ISO 9001:2000...

    Tel.: +48 (32)2225021  |  Chełm Śląski, 41-403
  • INTER-BUD Developer Sp. z o.o.

    Inter-Bud is a company with long experience – already for 18 years it has been offering complex investment services, starting from purchase of land through design, implementation. It does it using its own design office and apartment and house sales...

    Tel.: +48 (12)2525320  |  Kraków, 31-358
  • Moderator sp. z o.o.

    Moderator Sp. z o.o. in Hajnówka deals with production of central heating boilers as well as automatic biomass burning feeders. Moderator boilers are adopted for burning wooden, coal waste. Products with MODERATOR brand have been awarded with many...

    Tel.: +48 (85)6827520  |  Hajnówka, 17-200
  • ABC Remont Oleba

    Profesjonalne remonty i wykończenia wnętrz pełen zakres. Wykonujemy kompleksowe usługi remontowo budowlane Pod Klucz Nasza firma świadczy usługi na terenie woj Mazowieckiego . Zakres naszych usług obejmuje wiele pozycji z zakresu budownictwa...

    Tel.: +48 796329415  |  Piaseczno, 05-500
  • ANMAX s.c.

    We are producer of PVC profiles for ETISC (f.e.: PVC perforated corner bead with mesh, Drip corner bead with eaves, PVC arch corner with mesh, PVC Profile for rustication,PVC corner bead under window-sill profile), drywall and others:

    Tel.: +48 +48 661 704 321  |  Juchnowiec Kościelny, 16-061
  • Art Hufeisen

    We provide artistic blacksmith services. We make metal fences, gates and wickets as well as artistic structures and decorations on individual orders.

    Tel.: +48 +48 519 668 108  |  Gorzów Wielkopolski, 66-400
  • Bliket

    Company has been supplying the customers from Poland, Europe and Asia with the highest quality of mounting accessories, prefabricated elements to build ventilation, heating and air conditioning ductwork, as well as other finishing materials, since...

    Tel.: +48 227293435  |  Brwinów, 05-840
  • BPD Sp. z o.o.

    We are producer of waterproof materials like : bituminous membrane ( the felts ) bituminous primer, gunfoams. We have many the others maerials in our offer like : OSB-3 platte, adhesive to tile ceramic and styrofoam, mineral wooll ect....

    Tel.: +48 895266668  |  Olsztyn, 10-699
  • Broniewicz Zäune

    Broniewicz Zäune - metal fences and gates from Poland

    Tel.: +48 601161008  |  Witnica, 66-460
  • Hat-Bud

    Wooden houses, holiday homes, tents, shelters.

    Tel.: +48 13 43 53 994  |  Miejsce Piastowe, 38-430
  • Nik-Bud

    Brick houses, wooden houses, holiday homes, industrial buildings, steel buildings, remodeling, roofing, shelters.

    Tel.: +48 600660454  |  Miejsce Piastowe, 38-430
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane "LECHBUD"

    Rodzinne Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane Lechbud funkcjonuje na rynku już od ponad 30 lat, wykonując zabudowę mieszkalną i użytku publicznego w Wielkopolsce. Firma świadczy usługi generalnego wykonawstwa, oferując realizację inwestycji „pod...

    Tel.: +48 61 813 21 13  |  Mosina, 62-050
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