Hardware and Machinery

  • BRUK-BET® Sp. z o.o.

    Company BRUK-BET® has been manufacturing concrete products since 1984, and the vibro-pressed paving stone has been produced for more than 14 years. It is one of the leading, renowned manufacturers. The products are characterized by the highest quality...

    Tel.: +48 (014)6444444  |  Żabno, 33-240
  • Centrum Obróbki Precyzyjnej PRECIZO Izabela Markowska

    The Centre of Precise Machining PRECIZO has 20-year long experience in machining metals, castings and forgings. It is specialized in long shafts with the length of up to 2.5 m and the diameter of up to 60 mm. It co-operates with construction, agricultural...

    Tel.: +48 (24)3667960  |  Płock, 09-407

    We specialize in the production of cash-registers and shop equipment. Thanks to gained experience we offer high quality products that are adapted to the needs of our customers. We follow the newest trends and models, we project and produce cash-registers...

    Tel.: +48 (12)6534503  |  Kraków, 30-832
  • Fabryka Aparatury Elektromedycznej FAMED ŁÓDŹ SA

    FAMED Łódź is one of leading manufacturers of high quality medical apparatus and equipment. We specialize mostly in production of surgery and surgical lamps. Our products are sold both on the domestic and foreign markets. Full offer: SURGILUX surgery...

    Tel.: +48 (42)2536800  |  Łódź, 91-211
  • Firma Usługowo-Handlowa Julita Krzysztof Witek

    We are a specialized turbo-compressor unit service. We deal with repairs, diagnostics and sales of turbo-compressor units. Our offer includes new and regenerated turbo-compressor units for passenger, delivery cars as well as for trucks. We guarantee:...

    Tel.: +48 ((71)3251919  |  Wrocław, 51-166
  • GPZ Bearing-Beijing Huanqiu Guangyang Bearings Company Limited

    Beijing Huanqiu Guangyang Bearings Co.,Ltd, designs and produces Metre & Inch- Taper roller bearings,Pillow blocks bearings,Deep groove ball bearing,and other kinds of ball & roller bearings: spherical roller bearing, cylindrical roller...

    Tel.: +48 8615101602678  |  beijing, 100068
  • Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Dear Sir, Our company, Greencisco Industrial Co. Ltd. specializes in UPS, ( EPS )Emergency Power Supplies, inverter, stabilizer, frequency converter, solar power system, Batteries in China. They are widely used for IT, data center, telecom, medical,...

    Tel.: +48 13642803908  | 
  • Hamer Brunarska, Gruskoś Sp.Jawna

    Hamer is a private, family owned engineering company operating since 1991. At our sales outlets in Kraków and Czeladź we offer an extensive selection of spare parts for the construction machines. Moreover, we carry out specialised engineering works....

    Tel.: +48 (012)4229665  |  Kraków, 31-534
  • Mateco podesty ruchome sp. z o.o.

    The company Mateco is engaged in movable platforms. We offer a technologically advanced mobile device for heights from 4 to 90 meters. The device ensures a high security and comfort for users. All our devices are guaranteed by a technical control and...

    Tel.: +48 (32)2190210-12  |  Tychy, 43-100

    Mostostal Wrocław S.A. renders services connected to cooling and industrial objects and installations. We are the manufacturer of ammonia and freon cooling devices and tanks. Our scope of realisation includes stationary ice rinks and protable ice...

    Tel.: +48 (71)3345500  |  Wrocław, 50-950

    PEK-MONT.Company Pek-Mont starts workind on February 1992. It produce machines and equipment for meat processing industry.Company implements and uses Quality Managment System ISO 9001. PEK-MONT specializes in machines and equipment for food industry...

    Tel.: +48 (24)2615509  |  Bielsk, 09-230
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo-Usługowe CHRUPEX Sławomir Jerzyk

    CHRUPEX was established in 1989. In 2001 we started production of Bonell type spring forms. Within 3 years we have developed on the market as one of the largest Polish companies in this industry. At the present time we plan further expansive production...

    Tel.: +48 (62)7812026  |  Bralin, 63-640
  • Zakład Produkcji Sprężyn TOWES

    TOWES is a private company, established in 1980. During 27 years of operations it has obtained great experience in workmanship of springs for industry and small manufacturing. Currently we manufacture products for approximately 1200 companies. Producer...

    Tel.: +48 (22)7734399  |  Warszawa, 05-075
  • Fabryka Wentylatorów OWENT Sp. z o.o.

    We produce radiant, axial, radiant-axial ventilators for ventilation and air-conditioning, for flue gas exhaust, for pneumatic transport, roof, high-pressure, acid-resistant, anti-explosive, WWOax, WP, WPWs, WPWDs, WPbas, WPOas. Ventilators cover a...

    Tel.: +48 (32)6431416  |  Olkusz, 32-300

    FAWENT SA Fans Factory located in Chełm Śląski (28 km from Katowice) was established in 1951 and continues to be the greatest company producing fans in Poland. Our fans work in various plants on all continents of the world. Our company has ISO 9001:2000...

    Tel.: +48 (32)2225021  |  Chełm Śląski, 41-403
  • Firma Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowa KRYSZTAŁ Jan Plata

    Company Kryształ is an enterprise established in 1984. In the beginning it was a glazing workshop. Gradually, however, it transformed into a manufacturing enterprise specialized in processing construction glass. We produce complex glass and stained...

    Tel.: +48 (18)4459504  |  Podegrodzie, 33-386
  • Klaudia Sp. z o.o.

    We are the company that produces draining devices and wellpoint installations intended for drainage. We distribute: pump aggregates, floating pumps, sludge pumps Flygt, Afec, BBA Pumps, Tsurumi. Furthermore the company manufactures drum sprinklers,...

    Tel.: +48 (33)8547436  |  Ustroń, 43-450
  • Moderator sp. z o.o.

    Moderator Sp. z o.o. in Hajnówka deals with production of central heating boilers as well as automatic biomass burning feeders. Moderator boilers are adopted for burning wooden, coal waste. Products with MODERATOR brand have been awarded with many...

    Tel.: +48 (85)6827520  |  Hajnówka, 17-200

    The only producer of thin and ultra-thin strengthened separators for cutting steel and porcelain in dentistry. Our products are well-known all over the world for their high quality and effectiveness. Our company possess the ISO 9001:2000 certificate,...

    Tel.: +48 (81)5030953  |  Lublin, 20-515
  • AZUN

    AZUN is the leading producer of id card and badge holders in Poland and as a producer (since 1989) we offer European quality, attractive prices and fast delivery. In our offer we have also office accessories: desk organizers, pen holders, document...

    Tel.: +48 +48 783 362 960  |  Gdańsk, 80-172
  • Bauser Poland

    Bauser - is a specialist of engagement and precision in plastic. Furthermore, in the production of gears for toothed wheels, satellite wheels, worm wheels, octoid and coronary toothed wheels. Own development, the best service for the solution of engagements...

    Tel.: +48 62 760 22 44  |  Jastrzębniki, 62-812
  • Beijing Huanqiu Guangyang Bearings Co.,Ltd

    Beijing Huanqiu Guangyang Bearings Co.,Ltd, designs and produces Metre & Inch- Taper roller bearings,Pillow blocks bearings,Deep groove ball bearing,and other kinds of ball & roller bearings:spherical roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing,self-aligning...

    Tel.: +48 86-15930165630  |  Beijing, 100068

    BTS-ENGINEERING is a diversified enterprise that offers high-quality services, advanced technologies and reliable partnership. The main branches of our activity refer to engineering services, supply of technologies, process equipment and materials...

    Tel.: +48 223906348  |  Rivne, Ukraine, 33024
  • Fufan Tooling (CN) Ltd.

    Fufan Tooling (CN) Ltd. manufactures plastic injection moulds, precision molds, two shot molds,gas assist molds and injection molded parts, welcome to visit us in Shenzhen China. www.fufantooling.com faithhwang1987(at)hotmail.com. Thank you.

    Tel.: +48 8675529887896  |  Shenzhen, 518125
  • Modify3d

    Our company specializes in 3D printing otherwise also known as rapid prototyping, with 3D printing technology you can create products such as spare parts for machines and equipment, gadgets, prototypes, architectural models, and many other things.

    Tel.: +48 793154405  |  Warszawa, 00-241
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